Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

Porcelain restorations

Clontarf Dental Practice - Crowns, Bridges & Veneers


A crown is a restoration which covers the whole tooth. They are sometimes referred to as “caps”.

Crowns can be made of metal, porcelain or a combination of the two materials.

Teeth can be crowned to protect them and decrease the risk of fracture if they:

  • Have large fillings
  • or are root canal treated

Teeth are sometimes crowned to improve appearance, or simply to restore the shape of a tooth where a large amount has been lost due to decay or trauma.

Veneers are a thin layer of Porcelain placed on the front surface of a tooth to improve aesthetics, whether shape or colour.

Bridges are where a missing tooth / teeth is replaced by a porcelain tooth / teeth “bridging the gap”, there are 2 designs of bridge:

  • Conventional Bridge, where the teeth on either side of the gap are crowned
  • Resin Retained Bridge, where the false porcelain tooth is attached to the tooth/teeth beside it with a resin cement